Letters to our boys 01/02/14

Dear Handsome Boy,

You are 8 Months old today. I can’t believe where the time has gone. It doesn’t seem that long ago that you were so tiny in my arms. Where I sat with you in hospital for hours just staring at you. My beautiful boy. You have developed such a character. You love to laugh. I always find myself pulling silly faces or noises just to hear that cute giggle. Your trying to be so independent and keep wanting to be on your feet.


You can get yourself into the crawling position but you shuffle backwards or roll over to get around. I’m not entirely sure whether you will crawl. Grandma Australia said I never did and according to your other Grandma neither did your Papa so who knows.

You have two teeth at the bottom but I think you may be expecting some more as you have had a few sleepless nights. You seem to be outgrowing all your clothes but your only just in your 6-9 months. You still fit into some of your 3-6 months. I think it was down to you only being 7lb1 when you were born. So tiny.


You wake every morning between 6-7 and have your morning botte while mummy watches daybreak. At the minute because of the time difference we FaceTime your Grandma and Grandad Australia at 7.30am every morning. Grandad always tries to get you smiling but if I have Baby TV on in the background he has no chance. Bugs band and Hippa Hippa Hey are far more important. There will be a time where you will be running off with my iPad to call them. You have your two naps in the day and then you always fall asleep whilst having your bottle at 7pm. Such a routine boy. If we deviate theres trouble 🙂 Probably mummy’s fault.


You really have come into your own recently. Your saying mama all the time when you want something and always making noises. The funniest thing you do is stare at yourself in the mirror and shout and express yourself with your hands. It’s so cute.

I can’t wait to see whats too come over the next few weeks. Your changing everyday and growing up so fast.

Lots of love

Mummy and Papa

Dear Our Cheeky 9 year old,

Well you turned 9 this month and every time we see you you’re growing up. You’re massively into mine craft at the moment. If you are not playing on the xbox your watching the game on youtube with commentary.

You had a football party with all your school friends this month and a family party at home afterwards. You got lots of nice presents. You had a french assembly at school where you had to ask questions and answer them in french. You and your class had to sing a song in french in front of all the parents.


Your papa was really proud of you when he watched you play football. He thought you played so well, he was really impressed. Your favourite food is still Spaghetti Bolognese and unfortunately I still can’t get my version any better than your Grandpas but I will continue to try.

We’re hoping to get you into a football club weekly soon so that you can practise those skills of yours. You decided you wanted a break from swimming for a while.

Lots of Love

Papa and Rachel