Hi, and welcome to my blog page. I’m The L’s Mum.

So a little about me…

I am a first time mummy to Baby L who is currently 6 months old. Its amazing how time is flying by. I am also a first time Step Mum to a cheeky little 9 year old, Little L. I am 27 years old and now a full time stay at home mum with Baby L. Life has changed. I met the Love of my life in April 2012, The L’s Papa, and within a matter of months we were expecting our first child together. To say it was a bit of a whirlwind is an understatement. But here we are at the end of 2013 and my life has done a u-turn. Previously I worked in sales, worked long hours and enjoyed socialising on the weekends. Now I have my own business, I work from home and look after Baby L. I love nothing more than opening a bottle of wine and enjoying a good meal.

A little about this Blog…

I plan to share accounts from my daily life. Learning how to be a mummy, the Good and the Bad, adapting to being a step mum, Family life and Food. I love cooking. I don’t think I am that bad at it but sometimes I lack flavour or take on more than I should. I’m hoping to log my journey through my cookery books. I have a massive stack of them. I love looking at them, buying them and reading them and then they go on the shelf. I do refer back to them from time to time but I can’t say I have really moved on with the skills I have. So I have challenged myself. I’m going to be going through my cookbooks and cook, creating masterpieces (I Hope) and more importantly learning the skills and adding flavour to my food. I also want to eat healthy and have family meal times so this is going to encourage a new way of life. I’m also massively into saving a few pennies where I can, much to the dismay of The L’s Papa, so I will definitely be sharing deals, hints and tips in the spending tips section. But above all I hope you will enjoy reading what I have to say.


Feel free to follow me on twitter @thelsmum and instagram thelsmum and above all ENJOY!!

The L’s Mum


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