Christmas 2013

Wow…It’s Christmas Eve Eve. I still have so much to do. Currently I have the Ham soaking in water, and I’m planning all my foodie jobs  for tomorrow. I am being slightly lazy I feel this year. Only because It’s the first time I am cooking the dinner itself, and my mum was so good at it I have big shoes to fill.

It’s not only my FIRST time cooking the dinner, It’s our FIRST christmas in this house and also Baby L’s FIRST christmas. Very exciting times in our household. So first things first…


I had an absolute disaster when it came to my decorations this year. Normally I only have the one Christmas tree but as we have moved into our family home this year I went for two. My normal colour scheme was green, so I had some lovely decorations left over from the last few years. I decided to use the green decorations with a black artificial tree in our Conservatory/Kitchen. Looks great with the current colour shame we have in the kitchen.



I had an absolute disaster with our main tree in the living room though. I was opting for a cream and gold colour scheme as that would have gone well with our furniture and wall colourings. But i needed all new decorations as this was an additional tree. So off we all went to the shops on what seemed to be the day EVERYBODY chose to buy tree decorations and I couldn’t find any gold and cream decorations I liked. I couldn’t believe my luck. As the L’s Papa was getting slightly irritated with how busy it was he advised I just chose a completely new colour scheme with what I had available and to just go with it. I panicked. I’m a planner. I think about the way I want things. So In the end I went for something completely out of tune with any colour I have in my living room, Teal Blue. I know very strange. However the more I looked at the decorations the more I liked the look. We already had a family of polar bears to go under the tree and to be honest blue just seemed to fit. Plus we currently have a family full of boys at the moment so It just seemed right. I did manage to get a bit of girlyness into the tree and got some sparkly blue shoe decorations as a like nod to the female in the family and just went with it. What do you think??



Of course we couldn’t forget it being Baby L’s first christmas so I couldn’t resist this purchase from Bents Garden Centre…



And Little L absolutely loved the fact it was blue and our little polar bear family really make it look different.

We also decorated the outside of our house with lights and our hallway got a sprinkle of tinselSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



Did you have any decorating disasters this year? Do you always stick with the same colour schemes or do you try to be different?

The Dinner…

Ok so im opting for traditional turkey. I got a rolled breast and thigh joint from Tesco which has the stuffing pre done and streaky bacon. I know I am being lazy but as turkey can often be dry and given the fact it will be such a busy day I thought i’d opt for ease for the first time. We also having a ham being cooked in Coca-Cola. I found a recipe from Nigella so will be posting the details of that in the next few days.

Opting for Roasties and yorkshires from the famous Aunt Bessies and cauliflower cheese, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots and Parsnips, all of which will be posted on the foodie bit of my blog 🙂 I have a great tip for Carrots with orange juice and orange zest. Something I picked up from Jamie Oliver.

Desert I’m going to make strawberry jelly in the shape of a christmas tree and a chocolate roulade. I can’t wait to get the pictures up.


This is my first proper christmas without my parents. They emigrated to Australia earlier this year. This will be the first time me and the L’s Papa make our own traditions for family christmas’s going forward. I come from a family of tradition. We take it in turns to open our presents, we often put clues on and we take breaks during the morning to have a cup of tea and a bacon sarnie. The L’s Papa’s christmas were more of a free for all, open the present as and when etc. I’m hoping to continue the turn taking tradition this year but with a lot of guests descending on our house in the morning and a FaceTime conversation to set up I’m getting a little worried.

I also want to create new traditions starting next year when Baby L is a bit more aware. Unfortunately we only have Little L for part of the day so we plan to make the morning extra special and festive. Will certainly be doing a christmas round up in the new year. I would love to hear about your traditions over christmas?

Anyway I just thought I’d give you a quick glimpse into our christmas. I wish you all a very merry christmas and  a fantastic new year!!

The L’s Mum.


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