Our weekend…

Our weekend has been a fairly relaxed one. Little L was with us this weekend and we had planned to go to the park and make the most of the dry weather however it didn’t end up that way.

Unfortunately The L’s Papa had developed a cold again and by saturday It had hit me hard. The two of us were absolutely shattered and felt awful. So our weekend pretty much was this …



Saturdays tea ended up being a takeaway. Really hadn’t planned on having a takeaway considering we were suppose to be cutting them out throughout january and then aiming to cut them down for the rest of the year but we caved on Day 11. Pizza and chips beckoned me and I couldn’t resist.

My best friend also went into labour on friday and yesterday we finally had a baby. A gorgeous healthy baby boy and mum is doing fantastic. Yesterday was also the day we eventually ventured out, hoping that some fresh air would do us some good. Albeit we only ventured as far as The L’s Papa’s parents house but at least it was something.

All in all a very uneventful weekend. however thankfully today I feel great so the cold and flu tablets have worked a treat. Unfortunately The L’s Papa is still suffering but soldiering on.

Did you have a good weekend? Or did it not go to plan like ours?

The L’s Mum


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