Weaning The Story So Far …

I started weaning Baby L when he was around 4.5 months. I did this because he was quite a greedy but sicky baby and the advice was to see how he got on.


I had put my details into various websites when I was pregnant. SMA, Cow and Gate, Pampers, Boots, Tesco Baby. Any company that was baby related and had a baby club I was a member of. What I didn’t expect was to receive this weaning plan through the post from Cow and Gate. I didn’t really have a clue when it came to Weaning Baby L. All I kept thinking was how great it would be for him to eat solid food. I’d heard a little bit about Baby Led Weaning but wasn’t too sure on what was involved and what I needed to do. So when the guide came through the door I was relieved to have some form of guidance on the topic.

I started Baby L with Baby rice. I had read that the idea is to get him use to the spoon and basically teach him how to use it. So I added this to my routine. I gave him Baby Rice once a day around lunchtime, literally a few spoonfuls and increased the amount as the days went on. It wasn’t easy at first. Some days he would take a few mouthfuls. The next he would spit it out, but I assumed persistence was going to be the key. Besides he didn’t know what to do, it was down to me to teach him.

IMG_0027 IMG_0026

From then on we progressed to twice a day and once I’d been continuously doing that for a month, along side his normal milk feeds, we moved on to first tastes.

Baby L loved pureed carrot, parsnip and even Brussels Sprouts. We sailed through the first tastes. I basically steamed up a batch of the veg, pureed it in the food processor and then freeze the veg in ice cube trays. Giving him a cube portion at a time and then increasing as he got more into it.

At stage two the guide advised me to develop a breakfast time. Baby L had dropped his mid morning feed by this point as he was really getting into his solids, so I introduced Baby porridge in flavours strawberry and banana, and Apple and blueberry. I also gave him his porridge about 30 minutes after his first bottle. We now at 7 months add some fruit that he can pick up himself after he has been fed his porridge. We are currently working are way through stage 3 and drastically heading for the next step.

Baby L’s food routine tends to go something like this…

6-6.30 AM 6oz bottle of SMA follow on milk.

7AM Baby porridge and fruit

10.30AM Toast

12.30PM Pureed veg and pureed fruit for desert

3.15PM 6oz bottle

5-5.30PM Pureed veg and pureed fruit for desert

7PM Last bottle and bed.

Obviously between them times he has his naps and bath etc.

Had I have had guidance on baby led weaning perhaps I may have gone down that route. I feel giving him his puree’s has really helped him get a taste for food. I always leave a bit in the bowl and he puts the spoon in his mouth himself. Also mixing snacks into his routine where he feeds himself I think is giving him a grasp of feeding himself.

I know I was really excited to start weaning but now I’m in the process I can’t help but wish it was just back to bottles. Much easier 🙂 Anyone else feel like that?

Anyway I can’t wait to get on with stage 4 and onwards. How did you begin weaning your little ones? Has anyone used the cow and gate guide themselves? Would love to hear your views.


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