Feeling Broody …

Ok, so just over 7 months ago I was totally blessed to give birth to a gorgeous Baby boy. I really was lucky as I had a troublesome pregnancy and a traumatic birth but he arrived by emergency c-section and was, and still is, absolutely gorgeous.


When I first had Baby L I thought I would be put off from having another baby. The traumas of what happened really threw me. The after effects of the c-section weren’t easy and I genuinely thought I wouldn’t want to go through it all again. But as the months have gone on I have “forgotten” about the pain and genuinely excited to add to our family when the times right.


BUT oh my word am I broody right now. My best friend has just given birth and I am so incredibly happy for her, but also a little jealous. Just makes me realise how quick Baby L is growing up. Hearing about her first few days has really made me broody and ever so slightly jealous. Has anyone else felt like that? Is this going to happen when I won’t be in a position to add to my family?

It’s a mad feeling. I have tried to think back to the first few days of Baby L’s life and sadly it is a bit of blur. Thankfully i have pictures but I honest wished i had took more. The only advice I keep giving my best friend is to treasure these moments, before she knows it her little one will be 7 months and like me she will be wondering where the time has gone.


Anyone else a little broody at the moment?


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