Tesco Healthy Living Range – Review

At the beginning of every year the majority of men and women would like to eat healthy or lose weight. In a recent survey it was the top New Years resolution and one that happens to be on my list of resolutions for 2014. With this is mind I was really pleased to have the opportunity to review the new Healthy Living range for Tesco as part of the Tesco Orchard programme. You too can do this by registering on The Orchard website here.


After what seemed like spending a lifetime in the chiller section of my local Tesco at the weekend I finally decided on what to buy from the Healthy Living range. There was so much choice I couldn’t believe the options I had. After recently having a baby I wanted and needed to start looking after myself, especially because I had someone else to look after. The problem is not having, or more specifically, not feeling like I have the time to make lunch. I am always running around, doing washing, making my sons puree’s and general chores and when I suddenly remember I am hungry, it then seems to late in the day and I grab a chocolate bar and carry on. Having some of these meals in the fridge, I thought, would be a great alternative. I was right.

I bought a few meals in the range and yesterday the first one I decided to try was the Chicken Tikka Masala with rice. The quick and easy cooking time was great and allowed me to crack on with other chores whilst my lunchtime meal was cooking. The only thing I worry about when it comes to microwave cooking is the end result. Having had some poor experiences in the past I tend to always avoid these types of meals, but for the purpose of this programme I decided to give the Healthy Living range the benefit of the doubt.

I let the meal stand for 2 minutes, as instructed, then served up on a plate ready to eat. The smell was fantastic and enticing. I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.


The meal itself was gorgeous. Everything was cooked to perfection and the food was hot. The meal wasn’t dry at all, which is always a concern of mine when it comes to a microwave meal. The chicken was moist and tasty and the rice was cooked evenly and just right.

There was a strong tomato and spice taste to it. A chicken Tikka masala isn’t actually a spicy curry but there was definitely some definition of aromatics to the taste. Overall very impressive and enough to rival my local take away, with the added bonus of only being 435 calories.

I felt great for the afternoon, having eaten something proper and substantial. The meal was filling which caused me not to snack on any unhealthy treats. Definitely impressed. I have a few others in the fridge which I am going to tuck into this week. I do feel its a great lunchtime alternative for a busy mummy, one that I will be recommending to all my friends.



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