Little L’s Birthday Weekend – 9 Years Old

It was Little L’s Birthday on Friday 24th January and as he was staying with us for the weekend we threw him a birthday party for his school friends. Well it turned into two parties in the end. A party for his school friends at a football venue and a party at home for family.

Leading up to the party I was getting myself a little stressed. From parents not RSVP’ing which I tell you was massively frustrating, to Little L forgetting “important” friends off his list and ultimately having to increase the numbers, but all in all we got there in the end and the weekend arrived.


I also frantically spent Friday baking two cakes. A football shirt cake with Manchester City as my inspiration and a Minecraft cake which seems to be the new obsession for kids that age. The football cake was great, I knew exactly what I wanted in my head and I was pretty happy with the result. What do you think?


My Minecraft cake was a little more stressful. Firstly I didn’t have a clue who this Steve was and why I had to make up pigs, chickens and cows to decorate it but it all made sense in the end. Well to Little L anyway. So here is my version of a Minecraft world. Little L said it wasn’t a bad representation so I will take that all day long. What do you think of it?


Friday evening was all about opening presents from family and a nice tea from the local chip shop. Yum. Little L was really happy with his cakes and to see his face light up with joy was enough for me to forget the stress of the day and to enjoy the evening ahead. He got lots of fantastic presents and we decided on an early night as Saturday was going to be full on with the parties.


Saturday lunchtime was spent at a football venue in manchester where Little L and 11 of his classmates played football, had a team photo and filled themselves up on pizza, hot dogs and chips. This was my first experience of a birthday party being a parent, organising it was the easy part is was controlling the kids that was a nightmare. I didn’t realise how kids that aren’t your own don’t listen to you and proceed to run around knocking into people and fighting. Is this just my experience or are all boys of 9 act like that? Little L was really well behaved and it wasn’t all of them but certain boys from the group just seemed to like to cause trouble. Then there was putting ketchup and mustard on their ice cream and eating it. I’m pretty sure this one must just be boys? I can’t imagine little girls doing that but then I have no experience of raising girls, not yet anyway πŸ™‚


The stress levels got vamped up once again as soon as I walked through the door at home. From The L’s Papa telling me i didn’t have enough food which lets just say I was right, and we did, to family turning up early and Baby L needing a change and his bottle all at the same time. I felt like screaming, but it all got done and everyone got to eat and have a few drinks. Little L opened more presents and we had a fantastic day overall.


Sunday afternoon was spent playing monopoly and relaxing after a hectic Saturday. The weather was awful, I would have loved to have gone for a walk in the park but it would have just been a wash out with all the rain we have been having. All in all a great weekend had by all. Just Baby L’s christening and first birthday to organise now. Does it ever end? πŸ™‚


How was your weekend?

Thanks for reading.

The L’s Mum


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