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skinny tan

As a new mum in the first few months I found it really difficult to keep on top of a beauty regime or make an effort with any form of make-up or hair styles. If it didn’t take me five minutes in a morning or evening then I couldn’t keep it up.  I just simply felt I didn’t have the time. But what I found was that I increasingly became irritated and frustrated with myself. I am sure I am not the only one. I was one of those girls that did like to take care of herself and make an effort with the way I looked. Looking back I think I felt low because every time I looked in the mirror I looked awful and run down. In my opinion anyway. So with this in mind a new years resolution was to start taking care of myself again. Happy mummy happy baby. Just by putting a little tinted moisturiser on in the morning and actually brushing my hair into a ponytail lifted my mood.

I do believe that if you have a bit of a sun kissed glow you instantly look healthy. I have always thought it. With a holiday planned for April I was given the opportunity to try Skinny Tan, take a look at the UK website here.

Skinny Tan is an Aussie Tanning sensation and recently has featured on the hit TV series Dragons Den. Skinny Tan is the first self-tanner that combines a natural tanning active with naturally derived skin smoothing actives which combined visibly tan, contour and reduce the appearance of cellulite, Yes thats right reduce the appearance of cellulite!! Skinny Tan is an Australian based company direct from the golden beaches of Bondi. The tan itself is fantastic quality and instantly bronzes the skin and then develops in a deep golden looking brown that lasts for up to 7 days.

I had seen Skinny Tan presented on Dragons Den last year and thought to myself I must try it, but never got round to it. Having decided to put my new years resolution into action I was honoured to be sent some products to try and review.


I was sent the following products to test out:

Skinny Tan Primer £14.99

7 Day Tanner £26.99

After Glow £14.99

Gradual Tanner £19.99

24 Hour Bronzer £16.99

Mini Mit £2.99

The Process

For the 7 Day Tanner I started by jumping in the shower and using the Skinny Tan Primer. Its an exfoliator so I did as instructed and paid particular attention to my problem cellulite areas and exfoliated my body. There was a subtle coconut smell to the wash and my skin did feel fresh once dried. I got myself prepared with the mini mit which fits two fingers in. I would recommend buying the bigger mit they have available as this would allow you to cover yourself quicker and easier although the mini mit is great for awkward areas.

I placed some of the 7 day Tanner on to the mit and began to apply to my legs. I was a bit scared at first, It was very dark and I certainly didn’t want to be an Umper Lumper but I read that you needed to rub in the tanner to a desired bronze colour. I did this all over my body and The L’s Papa was good enough to apply to my back. Because you cover yourself to the desired bronze colour I found it really easy to apply. It wasn’t streaky or blotchy as such but there was dark patches as it started to dry but knowing that I had applied it evenly at the beginning I decided to see what it looked like once washed off. The only thing I will say is that you need to spend time applying the tan so I would recommend doing this the day before you need it. I then had to let it prove on my skin for 5 hours. I put some old baggy clothes on and cracked on with some housework. The smell was  again a subtle hint of coconut but wasn’t an overpowering tan smell. I didn’t smell of biscuits which is the experience I have had in the past. I also found that I didn’t feel hindered in the proving stage. To be honest It was like I didn’t have the tan on at all. Which is great because If i had felt sticky or uncomfortable I would have definitely washed it off earlier.


The Big Reveal

After 5 hours I washed the tan off and put on the smooth after glow. Well, what can I say other than I am completely over the moon with the results of this product. I had a streak free subtle tan and I instantly looked healthy and glowing, if I do say so myself. As for the cellulite, I am my own worst enemy and I felt I couldn’t see any difference but The L’s Papa’s opinion was different. He said everything looked smoother and defined. Exactly the result I was after.

A Quick Fix

As that was applied 8 days ago I got the opportunity to use the 24 Hour bronzer yesterday. I found this so easy to use and totally recommend this for a night/day out. If you’re after a quick fix then this is the one. I applied to my arms and body and I had this done in 10 minutes. Again we had a subtle smell of coconut but the bronzer soaked into my skin quickly and left a fantastic golden tan glow. I didn’t feel sticky and there was no residue.

Overall I was really impressed with the skinny tan products. The cost is a little more than some other products out there but in each application you don’t use as much product as you think so you will notice the products lasting you longer before you need to replenish your collection.

I think I will be adding this to a sunday night beauty regime.  This week I have probably had one of the best weeks when it comes to my moods. I haven’t felt as run down or lethargic and certainly not frustrated with myself. I strongly believe that this is because when i caught a glimpse of how I looked, I was happy with the result, which made me feel good, which made me happy. Happy Mummy, Happy Baby.

I was sent these products for the purpose of this review. All views are my own and my honest opinion.

Thanks for reading

The L’s Mum


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