Goodbye 2013…what a year!!!

Well its New Years Eve and as I started to think about things I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what has been a life changing year. 2013 saw the arrival of my gorgeous Baby boy. Baby L. He really changed my life. I wasn’t very maternal before I had him. When I first found I was having a baby I began to panic. How was I going to look after a baby, i barely knew how to change a nappy. But like everyone kept reminding me, you just know what to do. A mothers Instinct.


On the 23rd of june this year The L’s papa proposed to me. I knew that this would happen at some point but I was still shocked when he did finally “pop the question”, it was an amazing feeling, it felt like we were united, part of a team and ready to take on the world. Baby L had been in our lives for 23 days by this point so was a great feeling of the next chapter of our lives had just begun, as a family.

I also got to spend more time with my stepson not just as family unit but over the summer holidays on my own with Baby L. It was lovely to spend some time with Little L and really get a feeling of family life.

2013 also saw us move into our a new home. A couple of months before Baby L arrived we moved house. Literally round the corner but it seemed like a massive task. As i was 7 months pregnant I wasn’t much help either. The L’s Papa did all the work and I am so grateful he did. We settled straight away and have enjoyed the majority of this year in a lovely home.

My parents emigrated this year to Australia which was a massive shock to my system. I knew I would miss them terribly but I didn’t realise how reliant I was on them till they left. Still can make me cry and we’re 10 months on.

I’ve had some lovely memories for this year, friends getting pregnant and having babies, making new friends and adjusting to my new life as a mum. I left work in April and have since started my own business and I haven’t really looked back to be honest. But there has been some difficult times to get over, not only was it hard and emotionally draining to have my parents emigrate but I didn’t have the best pregnancy and I had a very difficult birth. I plan to post lots about this over the coming months but lets just say that after a lot of pushing (when i shouldn’t have been) it turns out I can’t give birth naturally anyway.

So here’s to a new year, I plan to post lots about food, cooking, babies and life. Hope you enjoy and Happy New Year!!!