Meal Planning

It’s not everyones cup of tea to decide what you want for tea on Friday when it may only be Monday but Meal Planning can be an essential tool for cutting down your weekly shopping costs.

I love thinking about food. I love cooking and I really enjoy my food but gone is the luxury of time. I also now have to factor in additional weekly costs that I never used to think about such as baby milk and nappies. I’ve always planned my meals. There was a point in my life when I lived on my own and money was tight. If i didn’t plan how I was going to use up left overs or work out where I could spend my money I would not have survived.

Meal Planning can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. I have attached a simple weekly sheet that can be printed. My suggestion would be to work out the meals just before you do your weekly shop. Therefore only buying what you need for that week. This in theory should stop you spending more than what you need to. Buying extra food which could potentially be wasted.

My Meal Planning sheet allows you to make a note of what will be eaten for the main 3 meals of the day. Write down what you and the children are going to eat even if you have a baby thats currently weaning. Allow for the veg and fruit he/she may need for those finger foods and purees. Once you have planned what your going to eat, perhaps utilising what you have in the freezer/fridge already then write down what you need in the shopping list section. Simple.

It’s a bit hard to get use to at first but once you’re in the routine of planning you won’t go back. This also gets rid of the last minute teas or takeaways. Allowing you to be healthy and eat wholesome meals. Knowing what your going to have on any given day will allow you to prep for the cooking side. Be it you put together a lasagne in the morning ready for that nights tea. It allows you to be organised.

Meal Planning

This is a good way to get eating up left overs from big roast dinners. You could plan to have a roast chicken on a sunday then for the following weeks planning have a chicken curry on the monday using up the left over chicken.

Its all about investing a time at the beginning to save time during the week and to also save some pennies. Everyone loves to save money.

Do you already plan your meals? Has it saved you any money?



Hi, and welcome to my blog page. I’m The L’s Mum.

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I am a first time mummy to Baby L who is currently 6 months old. Its amazing how time is flying by. I am also a first time Step Mum to a cheeky little 9 year old, Little L. I am 27 years old and now a full time stay at home mum with Baby L. Life has changed. I met the Love of my life in April 2012, The L’s Papa, and within a matter of months we were expecting our first child together. To say it was a bit of a whirlwind is an understatement. But here we are at the end of 2013 and my life has done a u-turn. Previously I worked in sales, worked long hours and enjoyed socialising on the weekends. Now I have my own business, I work from home and look after Baby L. I love nothing more than opening a bottle of wine and enjoying a good meal.

A little about this Blog…

I plan to share accounts from my daily life. Learning how to be a mummy, the Good and the Bad, adapting to being a step mum, Family life and Food. I love cooking. I don’t think I am that bad at it but sometimes I lack flavour or take on more than I should. I’m hoping to log my journey through my cookery books. I have a massive stack of them. I love looking at them, buying them and reading them and then they go on the shelf. I do refer back to them from time to time but I can’t say I have really moved on with the skills I have. So I have challenged myself. I’m going to be going through my cookbooks and cook, creating masterpieces (I Hope) and more importantly learning the skills and adding flavour to my food. I also want to eat healthy and have family meal times so this is going to encourage a new way of life. I’m also massively into saving a few pennies where I can, much to the dismay of The L’s Papa, so I will definitely be sharing deals, hints and tips in the spending tips section. But above all I hope you will enjoy reading what I have to say.


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